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I grew up in the beautiful countryside of Shropshire, near the Staffordshire border, spending a lot of my childhood running through the local woods. These are dotted throughout with old and abandoned sandstone quarries which have had a direct influence on my work. It is wonderful to see the way that nature returns to these structures, to see the moss and plant life taking back the worked surfaces. I like to explore the textural differences between the natural sandstone and the man-made surfaces. I would like to think that I can replicate this in a small way in a tactile piece of artwork.

 My functional pieces are borne out of a similar aesthetic; I try not to hide the clay completely with my glazing since it is such an integral part of the piece. I like to see the whole pot, the form, the decoration and the material of the body itself. I wanted to create a range that I like to use myself with the pleasure found in serving home made meals in handmade pots.

I try to use local materials as often as I can and currently use a blend of Shropshire and Staffordshire clay in the body of my pots. I fire in my gas kiln and also in a wood fired kiln. The different types of kiln give completely different qualities to individual pieces and I really enjoy exploring these.